Planta Sexualis wallpaper

This wallpaper is made specially for the exhibition of ‘Blomsterspråk’ at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, 22 February – 27 May 2007. The exhibition is about the languages of flowers and a contribution to the 300th anniversary celebrations of the birth of the great Swedish botanist Linnæus (Carl von Linné). The pattern of the wallpaper is based on silhouettes of Linnaeus botanic sexual system. The colour was made green for the conventionalized hedges (podiums) in the exhibition design.

Exhibition design by Joakim Ericson at Nationalmuseum.
Photos by Erik Cornelius, Nationalmuseum and Hanna Werning.


Linnaeus' sexual system as it was presented in 1736. Linnaeus worked through the plants and formed a system where the plants were divided into 24 classes. The 24th consisted of the plants without flowers, the cryptogams. Photo by Uppsala University Library.

Wallpaper produced by Boråstapeter in Sweden.

© 2007
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